Crossing the Line workshops


Our workshops cover a range of important topics in mental health, personal and career development, and transition to life after sport. We can develop a series of workshop packages to suit your organisation, budget and attendees.

Who benefits? 

Athletes, families, coaches, support staff, administrators, clubs and sporting federations.

Possible workshop topics

  • Headspace: Mental and emotional health considerations and strategies that make it easier to talk and build resilience
  • Reflective Practice: For sporting performance and personal and professional self-development
  • The Psychological Impact of Injury
  • Developing Psychological Flexibility: As a means to a values-directed life in and beyond sport
  • Effective Resume Building + Transferable Skills: Recognising how your sporting and other strengths are valued in today’s working world
  • Financial Skills: Day-to-day and advice for the future
  • Communication Skills + Styles: How to communicate successfully
  • Cultural Awareness/Valuing Diversity: Key for inclusive environments
  • Personal Assessment + Career Paths Discovery
  • Personal Branding + Self-Presentation
  • Networking Skills: Using and developing existing networks for the future
  • Family: The importance of family in athlete life and transitions
  • Coaches: Coach education on athlete personal development
  • Time Management + Action Planning: Creating time to excel in sport and life
  • Social Media Training: Building and protecting personal brand
  • Entrepreneurship: Business idea development and skills
  • Anti-doping: Decision-making, avoiding mistakes and being aware of risks
  • Transition for Growth: Holistic approaches to supporting athlete transition

Additional counselling

We also offer a bespoke independent counselling and career counselling service to compliment the workshops above. Athletes may feel more comfortable working with counsellors who are outside of their existing high performance set-up. Our counsellors are highly experienced with a wide range of backgrounds in elite sport.

For more information about potential workshop packages, contact:
Tel: +61 431 333 213