German research on athlete depression

Research shows that individual athletes are more prone to depression

The Guardian carried an article today about research in from the Technical University of Munich that was presented at a recent conference in Cardiff. It offered multiple insights into what we have long since believed at CTL – that athletes are prone to depression. The research into this area of sport is getting more and more in-depth and close to the point. However, it is what we do with this information that is the important part. How do we ensure that this valuable work gets translated into useful action so that athletes can benefit from it at the cutting edge?

Personal wellbeing education, not just for the athletes, but the entire sporting ecosystem is crucial in reducing the stigma around athlete depression and for maintaining the sound mental health of our entire athlete community. This isn’t a “nice to have” element of sport. It is a key element in high performance. Mentally healthy athletes are going to be formidable performers and will be more resilient in times of transition.

Quote from Guardian article:

“To help create an environment where all sports professionals can fulfil their potential, we need to see managers, coaches, clubs, governing bodies and players’ unions all support athletes to manage their mental wellbeing.”