Need help? Start here…

Need help? Start here...

Are you:

  • a competing athlete struggling with new or ongoing mental health issues? 
  • an athlete about to transition to life after sport, either by choice or by injury? 
  • a retired athlete struggling to find your way? 
  • a member of the sporting community in any capacity looking for help for yourself, your teammates, your athletes or a loved one?  

Then you’re in the right place! 

On this site you’ll find a number of resources that can help you with mental health, wellbeing and life after sport. You’ll also find referrals to other resources and companies who offer structured support. The following links are a good place to start. In an emergency, please call 000 or the emergency services in your country.

Mental health and athlete transition fact sheets

If you are feeling lost or confused about the transition process, are concerned about your, or someone you know’s, mental health, or are looking for resources to share with your athletes, these downloadable fact sheets offer some great thought starters.

Mental health support

If you feel you can’t talk to anyone in your immediate support circle about some of the issues you are going through, there are many external and anonymous ways of getting support.

Here’s a list of some of the best support services.

You can find further helpline numbers and information here.

You can also contact us to find out about our 1:1 sessions or read more about mental health in sport on the Head Space section of our site. Just don’t leave it for too long before seeking the help you need.

Transition support

Moving into a life beyond sport – whether intentionally or through injury – can be a very complex process that tests the emotional and physical resolve of many athletes. It’s okay if you are struggling. You’re not alone.

Find out why transition can be so difficult here.

Then read more about the challenges and solutions on the Transition section of our site.

If you are struggling with mental health issues brought about by transition to life after sport, please check out the links to the mental health resources above or contact us about our 1:1 psychology sessions.