What we do

About us

Crossing the Line (CTL) is a registered charity and offers a confidential, independent service where the sporting community can share their stories and receive expert advice and information on mental health, wellbeing and transitioning to life after sport.

We aim to reduce the prevalence of mental health issues, including suicide rates, in the sporting community. To do this we need to break down the stigma surrounding mental health challenges and promote sound mental health as a cornerstone of sport.

Our online resources empower sportspeople to become more self-aware, resilient and well-balanced across all areas of their lives. We offer 1:1 psychology sessions to vulnerable members of the sporting community, to support them at a deeper, more robust level while competing and to help them transition successfully to life after sport. We also run workshops at schools and academies to educate and support young athletes, and work with the LGBTIQ community to help make sport a safer and more inclusive place for all.

The service is run by athletes, for anyone who has chased a sporting or performance dream, no matter what level they have attained. Because a sorted human being makes a formidable performer, during and after sport.