How You Can Help


You can support Crossing the Line Sport by making a secure tax-deductible* donation. Your gift will help us reach more athletes and grassroots sporting organisations through our workshops, webinars and annual summits. Alternatively, please get in touch if you have a specific request for how you’d like us to invest your donation.

All donations are fully tax deductible and are currently facilitated through the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF). To donate, please use the form below or visit the ASF Crossing the Line portal.

We are currently in the process of obtaining full charity status for CTL. When this has been granted, we’ll provide new details on how to donate, to ensure that the service we provide will reach as many athletes as possible around the world.


We are continuously seeking partners who are aligned with our vision to allow us to continue providing this service to athletes. We have numerous ways for partners to benefit from a deeper association with Crossing the Line, including our annual Summits.

Contribute your story

Would you like to tell us your story for the benefit of other athletes and for academic research?

Sharing your story will help you and could help countless others. Learning from other athletes and people who truly understand the challenge of athlete retirement and well-being is a huge step forward and comes as a welcome relief to many.

Contact us if you would like to be published on Crossing the Line or if you would like us to interview you. We can make it anonymous if you wish.

We will also be posting anonymous and confidential research questionnaires to help academics from all over the world in their research efforts in this field.

*Unconditional gifts of $2 or more made to the Crossing the Line Sport project via the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) are tax deductible. By making this donation you accept the ASF’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.