Joerg Jaksche Interview – Part 1 to 3

We recently interviewed ex professional cyclist Joerg Jaksche about life after cycling.  Joerg, who rode in the Tour de France 7 times and is a former winner of Paris-Nice was suspended from cycling due to doping violations after being implicated in the Operation Puerto scandal.

In this 20 part series of short clips he shares with us what life has been like for him post cycling, how the doping stigma affected that and also how doping ended up in his world. What Joerg says is extremely valuable to young athletes who might be faced with the same pressures and also highlights that those who were implicated in doping throughout their career may find it harder to move on into the next stage of their lives

Part 1 – How did doping enter your world

Part 2 – How did you justify doping to yourself?

Part 3 – How did it all unravel

Next 3 parts coming soon……