Crossing the Line programs

Why are CTL programs different?

1) CTL is independent. Athletes are often reluctant to engage in a club’s welfare program. They fear it will impact their selection, or they are worried about their coaches and teammates opinions if they become aware of the athlete’s vulnerabilities. They are concerned the dynamic will change. CTL operates alongside but separate from the sporting structure. We are not obliged to report in the normal high-performance structure so can guarantee athlete confidentiality.

2) We do not see career development and psychology as being separate services. We integrate general psychology and career counselling into a holistic package. Our journey with the athlete starts by helping them understand themselves on a much deeper level. This not only impacts their performance as athletes but also makes them more resilient and interested in life outside of sport. Which leads to a more successful transition.

3) We complement and help maximise existing welfare programs. We are not looking to ‘take over’! We work with a sporting organisation or club’s current welfare services and encourage the athlete to engage with these as well. We work closely with the welfare staff at each club, exchanging information wherever we can and maximising professional development opportunities to positively impact the athletes.

4) We have a unique combination of experience and expertise. CTL is founded by former athletes, who have lived and breathed the transition process and can relate to the challenges athletes face. Add to this our deeply experienced psychologists and career/transition specialists, and we are uniquely placed to help support athletes and their teams navigate the path to life after sport.


We run a variety of personal development, athlete wellbeing and player transition programs, tailored specifically to your players’, club’s or federation’s needs.

Find out more about our Athlete Transition Program or for more information about our longer-term programs, contact:
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