CTL Athlete Transition Program

The CTL Athlete Transition Program helps athletes plan for and manage the challenges of transition with confidence, resilience and optimism.


Athlete Transition Program structure

The Athlete Transition Program (ATP) includes:

  • An introductory information session
  • Eight individual sessions with the athlete
  • Three holistic, interconnected aspects: Head Space, Identity and Tools for Life.

The athlete addresses each of these aspects in an tailored, integrated manner, through a combination of:

  • personal counselling
  • education and career counselling
  • action planning
  • road-mapping
  • evaluation

Athlete Transition Program structure

The recommended frequency for the eight sessions is one session per month for five to six months, with the following two to three sessions completed over a further six-month period. Timing will differ depending on the athlete’s needs. Sessions are held face-to-face or via Skype.


Holistic support

The ATP’s holistic, integrated services foster physical, social and psychological growth and development, promoting and supporting positive outcomes for mental health, education and life after sport.

Athlete Transition Program holistic support


Transition process

Transition services are most successful if the athlete chooses when they are ready to engage.

Sporting organisation support

If an athlete is embarking on the ATP supported by their the sporting organisation, the organisation ‘books’ a place on the program for their athlete and the athlete attends the introductory information session. From there, the eight individual sessions only begin when the athlete is ready to start.

An athlete’s attitude towards career, education and wellbeing services continually evolves as they gain a better understanding of how these benefit both their transition and their general wellbeing. The sporting organisation funds the introductory and eight individual sessions. After that, the athlete may choose to continue working with CTL or other services under their own steam.

Individual athletes

The ATP is also available to individual athletes who may have already retired from sport or who are seeking third-party support outside of their sporting organisation.  In this instance, the eight sessions may be eligible for a Medicare rebate with a referral from a GP.  After that, the athlete may choose to continue working with CTL or with other third-party services, depending on their needs.


The ATP supports athletes in connecting and reconnecting to their new environment, in defining and redefining themselves, and in creating a future.


Nationwide team

Our transition specialists are located nationwide with numerous options for athletes in the following cities:

  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Darwin

Additional resources

Online webinars

Athletes can attend fortnightly live and/or on-demand webinars. The 60-minute webinars are hosted by CTL and external experts, covering transition, career development and mental health.

Online portal

Athletes will also have access to an online portal, with a variety of downloadable content covering mental health and transition topics.

Transition resource booklet

Each athlete receives a guidebook to work through, covering tips and tools for transition to life after sport.

More information

For more information about the ATP, view the full proposal or contact gearoid@crossingthelinesport.com.