Taylor Phinney: The long road back



photo. @sofiNu1

Cyclingnews.com interviews champion American cyclist Taylor Phinney about his comeback from a potentially career threatening injury to regain his place in the professional peloton. The comeback in itself is an amazing story, however it is the perspective he gained during recovery that is the most inspiring part for us here at Crossing the Line, especially with quotes like this:

I look back at the last year as honestly one of the best years of my life. I was able to reconnect with people and I was able to become in-tune with who I am without cycling necessarily defining me.

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I will be following Taylor’s progress and perspective with a lot of interest. I am certain his new perspective on his life and his sport will make him a stronger athlete with perhaps a longer career than even he imagined. He is also preparing for his life after he hangs up his wheels.

He seems like a switched on and sensitive character who got through some dark times to emerge with this new outlook on life and his sport but what can we do to negate the need for elite athletes to go through potentially catastrophic injuries to learn such perspective?