Families and relationships

families and replationships

Is your loved one going through a challenging time?

Quite often families and significant others are forgotten as they watch the athlete in their life go through a challenging time, without the understanding or support to cope with it. Disturbingly, there’s a high number of relationships that bite the dust within a year of an athlete retiring from their sport.

The athlete carries guilt for feeling down and needing space having been away for so long and the families have been waiting for their father/husband/wife etc to return for so long and what they get is vastly different to what they had imagined.

If people in this situation cant get support or seek answers to what is going in then the relationship will suffer badly and can ignite a new chain of events in an already highly unstable environment for all parties.

Throughout the site, we share family stories and bring in expert opinion to help families and relationships through what is a challenging period.