Webinars, workshops and programs

Building the athlete’s toolbox for life

Our webinars, workshops and programs equip athletes with self awareness and skills that assist them in their pursuit of high performance and in life after sport. We teach athletes how to manage their lives outside of sport so that they are ready for challenges they may encounter. If left to chance, these challenges might distract them from their sport and make the post-career transition a harder graft than it needs to be.

Our workshops, webinars and programs facilitators are all highly qualified in their fields and most of them are ex-athletes. Athletes listen to ex-athletes more than anyone. This is a cornerstone of our offerings.

We understand that athletes are time poor and that recovery time is key. Our sessions are delivered with a mix of face-to-face workshops and online webinars that the athletes can complete in the comfort of their own homes or training centres. We keep sessions concise so that they can be effectively delivered within the busy schedule of the athletes. We also don’t believe in “death by PowerPoint” and make the sessions engaging and experiential.