Stand up + say no: A personal approach to anti-doping

ASADA: Stand up and say no

Created in conjunction with ASADA, the following videos are designed to help athletes understand the intrinsic and extrinsic motivators behind doping in sport, and to make empowered decisions in the moment.

The reality is, doping is a problem for many sports. This puts huge pressure on athletes to accept the status quo or leave their sport entirely. It is also the reality that choosing to dope comes with a huge mental, emotional and practical fallout that can follow an athlete for life.  

It is important for athletes to scrutinise and question the system around them, inform themselves on the options and support available, and be prepared to make difficult decisions. If we educate and empower enough athletes to say no, then the culture of doping will have to change. 

Each of the links below will take you to a series of four videos based on different aspects of the doping decision: You, Your environment, Your people, Your options and Your future.  There is also a series of videos for parent and coaches, and covering the compelling story of pro-cyclist Joerg Jaksche, who was implicated in the Operation Puerto doping scandal.