Mardi Gras Film Festival – Focus on Sport

We are avid supporters of events, organisations and campaigns that help to banish the taboo of homosexuality in sport that is sadly still a huge issue for hundreds of thousands of athletes all over the world.

MARDI GRAS FILM FESTIVAL, is on in Sydney, Feb 18 – Mar 3. They are showing four films as part of Queer Screens Focus on Sport.

A link to ticket sales and movie descriptions below! We will see you there!


Tue 1 Mar 6:15pm
Event Cinemas George Street
Greg Louganis is arguably the most recognisable
gay athlete. This documentary chronicles his life
from troubled childhood to stellar career in diving
and beyond.…


Mon 22 Feb 6:30pm
Event Cinemas George Street
A game-changing documentary that
explores the lives of various LGBTIQ athletes.
Featuring transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox
and basketballer Terrence Clemens.…


Sun 28 Feb 7:30PM
Event Cinemas George Street
A comprehensive history of what it means
to be an ‘out’ athlete – from Billie Jean King’s
scandalous outing to Michael Sam’s carefully
choreographed one.…


Tue 23 Feb 6:30 PM
Event Cinemas George Street
Don’t miss this encore screening of Poppy
Stockell’s superb Bingham Cup documentary.
Join the Sydney Convicts as they prepare to
host the Gay Rugby World Cup.…