Exit and Athlete Counselling

Why you need this resource

The sporting environment is a tough place to be yourself. Many athletes would rather suffer in silence than divulge a personal issue with their team, coaches and team psychologists for fear of being perceived differently, fear of de-selection or simply feeling like the need to put on a brave face. They often find it hard to trust others with confidential information in that environment for fear of it leaking back. Sports psychologists are employed to increase the winning edge element and quite often athletes will not engage with them on personal matters. They live in a performance environment where everything, including psychology, revolves around their performances.

We believe that athlete personal, emotional, spiritual and mental health is a huge part of the performance mix

Our handpicked counsellors are independent of any sporting body. They are highly knowledgeable about the unique pressures of the athletic environment as well as the personal “human” strain that athletes may be under. Our counsellors gain trust quickly because they are OUTSIDE the system, What happens between counsellor and athlete stays between counsellor and athlete. The athlete feels free to open up. This WILL impact positively on their athletic life and personal life. Athlete retirement When an athlete retires it is crucial that they have a support structure outside of their former sporting set up. Sport moves on and athletes are often reluctant to rely on the former set up they had as they too want to move on in a different direction or they might feel too embarrassed to go back and ask for help. Our independent counsellors are there with them on the challenging journey into retirement. They may need counselling as soon as they retire or they might need it months or even years down the track.

The independent counselling support system is there for them whenever they need it and they won’t feel like they are returning to their old life looking for help

Our counsellors are psychologists with years of experience. Some are also skilled in areas where athletes may need specific assistance such as:

  • Addiction
  • Career Counselling
  • Financial planning
  • Disorders

Consultations are held either face to face or online – ensuring flexibility.

You can provide this top class independent service to your athletes and really feel like you are making a difference to their lives both while thy ear athletes and for their life after sport with minimal drain on your resources.

 How it works

Current athletes

When an athlete presents with emotional or psychological issues that are not related to performance psychology, they are in need of independent and confidential support and feedback mechanism. You contact us and set up a year-long consultation package. That is where your involvement ends. The relationship from then on is purely between the athlete and their independent counsellor. If further consultations are needed outside of the package then this will be agreed between the athlete and the counsellor. Your athlete will present to training as a more rounded and grounded human being with complete confidence that his personal issues are being dealt with in a secure and private way.

 Retiring athletes When an athlete retires an independent counselling package is given to them. Some of them will want to start right away and some will wait until the time when they feel they need it. It could be years down the track. But we will still be here and they will know that they have the support without having to go back the world they left looking for help. We are the safety net. We assist them going forward with your initial support.

The cost Please contact us to discuss pricing on 6 x 60min counselling sessions at any time of the athletes choosing. They can spread it out over a year if they wish. A relationship will be built between the athlete and counsellor and they will decide themselves what plan of action they want to take.

Your athlete will thank you for it. You will be taking care of their human being in a way that does not compromise your HP set up or the athletes trust

Contact: Gearoid@crossingthelinesport.com