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An athlete/player’s intense training and competing schedule leaves little time for education and personal development. They spend a lot their time in disparate locations, around the country and often around the world. This can make it hard for teams and clubs to implement consistent personal development and welfare programs, as their athletes or players are rarely available in the same place at the same time. Ironically, this life of an elite athlete means they need this type of program more than most.

We have responded to this need by developing a unique series of performance and wellbeing webinars. These will be available live and on-demand to cater to athletes’ and players’ various schedules and time zones. The webinars have been designed to provide positive and insightful information for everyone involved in a sporting organisation. From athletes and ex-athletes to coaches and administrators, everyone will benefit from the content.

The webinars

We host two webinars per month. Each month has a different theme related to performance, wellbeing, mental health, dual careers and skills for life. The webinars can be viewed live, giving the audience the opportunity to interact with the presenters during dedicated Q&A sessions, or they can be viewed on-demand for up to 6 months after they have been recorded.

Our webinars are hosted by both Crossing the Line and guest experts. We announce the guest speakers for upcoming webinars throughout the year.

Our 2018 webinar schedule

Month Themes Webinars
February Mental wellbeing Positive psychological skills: Tools to help you develop your psychological skills into assets that enhance both your sporting performance and life beyond sport.

Emotion regulation: Learn how to manage and regulate your emotions and feel the difference in your life and your performance.

March Digital health Social media management training: Avoiding personal brand disasters and using social media to your advantage.

Digital nutrition: How to embrace social media without losing your mind.

April Athlete transition Panel discussion: Who am I, without my sport? With Kim Brennan, Al Baxter, Mike Pyke, Sarah Rose, Ed Fernon, Jarrad Howse and Jonathan Stone (EY), moderated by Sarah Cook.

Transition for growth: Holistic approaches to supporting athlete transition.

May Overcoming setbacks Panel discussion: How the sporting world is embracing mental health: With Matthew Mitcham, Kath Koschel, Dan Conn and Danni di Toro, moderated by Tracey Holmes.

Managing injuries from a psychological perspective: Learn tools to challenge the negative self-talk and turn these difficult periods into constructive ones.

June Career decisions
and planning
Assessment and discovery of career paths part 1

Assessment and discovery of career paths part 2

July Build your career Building an effective resume and transferable skills:
Recognising how your strengths are valued in today’s working world.Networking skills: Developing and using networks to build for the future.
August Build your own business Entrepreneurship: Business idea development and skills part 1

Entrepreneurship: Business idea development and skills part 2

September Effective communication Interpersonal communication skills: Learn how to communicate more efficiently with your teammates, your colleagues and your support crew.

Managing selection: For coaches: Learn how to deliver tough selection decisions. For athletes: Learn how to manage selections that don’t go your way.

October Mental health awareness Mental health awareness: Identify, respond and refer part 1.

Mental health Awareness: Identify, respond and refer part 2.

November Time and money Financial skills: Advice for day-to-day and future financial management and planning.

Time management and action planning: Creating time to excel in both sport and life.

December Family and community Family: The importance of family in athlete life and transition.

Cultural awareness/valuing diversity: Building an inclusive environment in sport.

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