Unique webinar series to help athletes thrive


Helping athletes prepare for – or transition into – their post-sport lives requires more than just ticking boxes. Athletes need to be empowered to develop the skills, passion and purpose to thrive. However, athletes’ intense training and competition schedules often leave them with little time for education and personal development. Hence, the unique series of Crossing the Line Performance and Wellbeing webinars, which is launching next week, has been produced with the athlete foremost in mind.

“Our webinars are all about developing skills, identity and self-awareness that focus on life outside of sport but will also greatly enhance sporting performance in the here and now,” says Crossing the Line founder Gearoid Towey. “We are presenting a wide range of topics that are highly relevant for current, transitioning or transitioned athletes. Some are very practical and will be delivered by industry experts who athletes wouldn’t necessarily have access to otherwise.

“Importantly, the webinar series will be available live and to watch later on-demand, to cater for various schedules and time zones around the world.”

The webinars will run twice a month, starting Thursday, February 15 at 7pm AEST. There will be a different theme each month related to performance, wellbeing, mental health, dual careers and skills for life. This month is ‘athlete mental wellbeing’.
“The webinars are interactive, participants can ask questions at any time during the live presentation,” says Gearoid. “But the Crossing the Line mantra of being always independent and confidential will be enforced throughout all of our webinars. Athletes will have the option to ask questions anonymously if they wish, or even view the webinar anonymously.

“If people don’t want to view it live, they can access the webinar on-demand, at their leisure.

“They are also super easy to access. You can register online on our website or through the dedicated webinar website. You’ll then receive a link via email, three days before each webinar. Simply click on it to access the presentation from anywhere in the world on a computer, phone or tablet. Athletes who are already clients of Crossing the Line will automatically be sent a private link, three days before.

“The webinars are optional for athletes,” Gearoid says. “They do not have a requirement to attend them. But they are an excellent way for athletes to begin taking responsibility for their own wellbeing and future.”

Of course, the webinars are not only for athletes, but also for the people who are closest to them. It is essential that the people around the athletes provide the environment that athletes need, to not only achieve their best in competition, but ensure they are well prepared for their future.

“We will be delivering the presentations with all groups in mind; not just athletes, but coaches, support staff and families will all benefit from the content,” Gearoid says.

“One of the challenges of delivering an athlete wellbeing program is that – in between training, races and matches – it is hard to get athletes, coaches and support staff in a room at the same time to deliver presentations and workshops. We believe webinars will be part of solving this issue as people can access content anywhere at any time and in their own time. We see webinars as a great addition for personal development managers and athlete wellbeing officers in clubs or federations and will give them another resource to use with athletes when working with them.”

For more information about each webinar, and to register, visit our webinar page.