Retirement from doping ban

Have you been forced into retirement because of a doping ban?

Many athletes who have retired due to a doping ban have been forced well and truly underground because of not only dealing with the loss of their sport but also the shame with testing positive for drugs and doping. Many within the sports world give two fingers to anyone who took the decision to cheat, however this does not preclude them from being fallible human beings like us all.

This part of CTL is a space for retired athletes who doped during their careers to have their voice and give assistance to others in the same situation.

Do you have a story to tell that will help others in a similar situation? Contact us so we can make it happen on Crossing the Line.

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Below is a candid interview with Nathan Baggaley, 2004 Olympic medalist who attended The Cabin in Chaing Mai, Thailand. Baggealey, an Olympic medalist from 2004 and a kayak World Champion in 2005 tested positive for steroids in 2006 and was hit with a two year ban. During his ban he slid into recreational drug taking and then into the murky world of drug manufacturing and dealing and changing the course of his life for evermore. He was arrested in 2007 and at his sentencing hearing he described the pain of losing his sport and life due to a doping ban. He attributed this to his downfall. He served 4.5 years in prison however, since this video was recorded Baggaley is now back in jail facing more drug crime charges.