Our focus on life beyond sport

Athlete retirement and transition can be a lot more than “just starting a new career”. Moving into a life beyond sport can be a very complex process that tests the mental, emotional and physical resolve of many athletes. This can come as a nasty surprise.

You can’t really explain to a current athlete how they will feel when they become an ex-athlete. It is a process that needs to be felt. We can steer them down the right path when it comes to planning for a new career and discovering a purpose beyond sport but becoming an “ex-athlete” is a different process for everyone.

Losing the identity of being “an athlete” is the most common challenge. This identity loss can literally turn their lives upside down – if they are not prepared or wise to it. It can lead to mental and emotional turmoil (including depression), destabilisation of the family unit (did you know 67 per cent of premiership footballers in the UK are divorced or separated within 2 years of retirement?), difficulties finding a career that ticks their boxes and the resulting loss of income

What we can do is give them a warning that they might experience a wholly different set of emotions when and after they retire and then be there for them when they start to roll.

We provide a combination of athlete lived experience combined with expert psychological counsel for those in all stages of their post-sport transition.

Retirement can be a serious issue for athletes, and CTL is always ready to assist ex-athletes who happen to encounter issues on their journey to life beyond sport.

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