Gayelene Clews

Gayelene Clews, is passionate about helping people excel. Growing up in outback Australia in a family of eight, the former world class athlete, represented her country in two sports. Clews achieved the World number One ranking in the women’s Olympic distance triathlon, while she was the only mother on the professional triathlon circuit. At the same time, she supported her (then) husband to a World Championship and world record breaking performances in the men’s marathon.

Gayelene has coached athletes to medals in world championships and as the Australian Olympic team Psychologist to Women’s Water Polo. She contributed to the team’s exciting Gold medal. Her extensive work with professional football codes includes six years at the Canberra Raiders (NRL) during their highly successful 1990’s. She spent time as a consultant for the Australian Wallabies (ARU) during their 1999 World Cup win followed by five years with NSW cricket. Today, Clews combines her passion for working alongside elite athletes with helping individuals of all levels maximise both their athletic and academic abilities.

Gayelene takes a holistic approach to being the best you can be. Focusing on helping individuals develop metacognitive self-awareness to transition from ordinary performers to extraordinary achievers. This approach helped her own three children – viewed as average performers – earn academic scholarships both nationally and internationally.

Wired-to-Play-book-coverIn 2015, Gayelene released her new book on minimising symptoms of mental illness, by using the opportunities available through sport and exercise to build resilient, self-aware and connected communities. Her research and interviews with many of Australia’s and World’s elite athletes and coaches, together with her insights gained through 15,000 professional consultations, enables Clews to present a very powerful argument for the critical role sport and exercise play in mental health, wellbeing and academic success. Her recommendations for mental wellness have already received unified praise across both Olympic and Professional sports and in the field of education. Her insights and use of sporting analogies provides a platform to raise awareness on key strategies for building mind wealth. Strategies that can be taught to all Australians.

Wired to Play testimonials:

“A compelling read on the reality of elite sport and mental health. The brave stories and strategies shared by the athletes and coaches in this book will go a long way in reducing the stigma, ignorance and denial associated with talking about mental illness. If our bravest and courageous athletes can seek help, others can too.”

Coach – Australian Kangaroos, Rugby League World Cup Champions

“Mental illness is a serious topic with potentially devastating consequences and its destigmatisation is a whole community responsibility. Unified praise for ‘Wired to Play’ across both Olympic and Professional sports is testament to its significance in increasing awareness and support for, athlete mental health.”

President Australian Olympic Committee
Vice-President International Olympic Committee


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